Random Studio

Rémy Martin

Random Studio created a new digital communication strategy, editorial program and global website for Rémy Martin: An articulation of the brands contemporary take on luxury and art-de-vivre.

The legendary French cognac is committed to an enduring search for excellence, know-how and quality since 1724.  Autumn 2015 signalled a new chapter in their story as they decided to evolve their identity, shifting their communication focus from their products to their brand, and opening the doors to a younger audience. An audience no longer defined by class or wealth,  but by their capacity to enjoy a fulfilled and diverse life. This marked the exciting starting point for a longer-term collaboration with Random Studio, acting as creative consultants to move the brand into the digital now. Working closely together, we came up with a new look, an innovative website, a guide to the brand’s global voice and a mentorship programme. All of which was then also produced in our house.

One Life/Live Them

At the heart of this collaboration was the new campaign: ‘One Life/Live Them’. Rémy Martin have spent 290 years revealing the talents of what nature gave them. This led to a strong belief in the extraordinary capabilities of man and nature, that every person has more talents yet to be revealed.

The campaign celebrates the life of their new customer, who is an explorer of life, not just defined by one thing, but by everything he or she does. After all, in todays world there is no reason why you should not be an actor / photographer / father / singer and a cook at the same time – with all of these 'slashes' being essential to you. This is the epitome of the Slash/Slash generation.

The new website is like a Slash/Slash personality in itself, inviting users to interact with Rémy Martin through every angle. In place of the conventional, rigid navigation of a homepage and divided sections, the design connects a wide-range of new content through a vertical continuous scroll, threading different stories together and allowing the users to travel seamlessly through the brand’s past, present and future.

On this journey, sharp new product shots sit next to stories about Rémy Martin’s rich heritage and inspiring snippets from the ‘One Life/Live Them’ campaign and bespoke editorial pieces. Through this flow of different aspects, users get to know the brand and its ambassadors personally  – and most importantly learn how they can become part of the community. Because the story doesn’t stop at the website.

Mentorship Programme

At Rémy Martin, they believe that true fulfillment consists not of status or financial success, but of experiences. To achieve means to fully realise all your lives, whatever they may be. Based on this vision, the studio developed a way for customers to experience themselves in a new way: to live their next ‘slash’. The mentorship programme, ‘Circle of Centaurs’, introduces customers to some of the most inspiring and ambitious voices of this generation and invites them to follow their example.

Every edition of the Mentorship Programme consists of an online portrait piece, supported by a series of videos to take you behind the scenes of the fullfilled life of a featured mentor. How did they make it? What are their secrets to leading a creative life? Each video is an original and unexpected glimpse into their journey to success, ending in a playful task that encourages the viewer to live their own passion.

For the first edition, the studio travelled to Hong Kong to shoot modern Renaissance Man Kevin Poon, an Entrepreneur / Tastemaker / Event Organiser / DJ. Have a look at his course below and discover some making-of moments.

Founded on inspiration, guidance and participation, ‘Circle of Centaurs’ will create a community who invest and engage in the values that make Rémy Martin. The studio continues to develop this series with different inspirational figures.

Building on Rémy Martin’s heritage and a new vision alike, Random Studio has created a way of experiencing the brand personality in interaction. This legacy aims to go beyond the classical notion of luxury, beyond the world of the rich. Instead, it offers a more contemporary proposal: the world of rich experiences and personal growth.


Client: Rémy Martin / Agustin Depardon, Florence Puech, Arjan Ackerman
Concept & Creative Direction, Digital Strategy, Content Production Strategy,
UX, Animation & Final Execution: Random Studio
Concept Mentorship Program: Lyangelo Vasquez
Film Production Mentorship Program: Mr. Frank with Director Brett de Vos
Product Photography: Ingmar Swalue
Voice and Tone: Kati Krause