Random Studio

Random Studio set up a digital scenography to celebrate Nike’s latest shoe release, the LunarEpic Flyknit at NikeLab in London. People were captured from multiple angles whilst trialling the shoe as they got a taste of the future of running in the Infinity Room. The digital takeaway enabled athletes to share their run on Instagram.

Building on a shared vision of innovation and experiment, Random Studio joined forces with NikeLab once again for the launch of Nike’s LunarEpic Flyknit. This time around, the studio was tasked with creating an immersive experience that would give customers a glimpse into the future of running. The brief was to bring an Infinity Room to life at NikeLab’s high profile space in London; a trial cabin where visitors could get informed and test out their latest innovation, the LunarEpic Flyknit.

With a sharp design comprising a fluid, sock-like fit and a comfortable cushioned sole, the shoes are leaps ahead of the game, engineered for people to ‘run forever’. So what does this look like? The answer came in a mirror-clad room with a treadmill in the centre where runners could try out a pair of LunarEpics, immersed in an animated scenography of sound and light. The journey didn’t stop there: each person left with a digital takeaway created in real time and delivered within seconds to their inbox. A spectacular selfie-video, people took pride in sharing the branded content on their Instagram accounts thus spreading the word.

front shot
Installation view of Infinity Room at Nike Lab 1948 LDN

To achieve the LunarEpic scenography and content-creation installation required meticulous technical planning and sharp execution. Mapping out the light and sound with a series of cues and signals, the sequence was modelled not only with the physical experience in mind but also to get the best edit for the digital takeaway, choreographed to respond to the three camera angles at the time of capturing.

In true Random Studio style, the installation spanned the physical and the digital, exploring new ways of bridging both worlds to create an engaging experience. People would first have the footwear explained to them by a host who then invited them to join the Nike community and sign up for membership on an iPad before donning the trainers and entering the Infinity Room. The lights slowly pulse along to the sound, launching into a faster loop as the runner breaks into a jog, surrounded by a breathtaking myriad of reflected visions. Automatically triggering the cameras, they are shot from three different angles: A portrait from the front, a slow motion perspective of the feet, and then a pan of the full scene from behind. Upon leaving the room, the footage was shown to the runner on the iPad by the host for review and analysis. The kaleidoscopic full edit was rendered automatically and delivered straight to their inbox with sharing instructions and the NikeLab Instagram handle.

An iPad app enabled the host to take care of the customers sign-up for Nikes Membership Program, then to control the light- and sound scenography in the room, trigger the recording of the digital takeaway and have a final video-review of the run with the customer.
The Infinity installation was the centerpiece of Nikes product reveal event with selected influencers and media representatives.

The studio has developed an expertise in immersive installations having worked with Nike previously to develop several pioneering events with a focus on the creation of shareable imagery. Earlier collaborations include making an animated LED-football pitch for the Champions League Final in Berlin, Nike Football X, and a surveillance-themed installation to mark the drop of a strictly limited edition footwear, created with Errolson Hugh of avant-garde label Acronym: NikeLab x ACRNM.

Nikelab x ACRNM Takeaway
Chuck Taylor All Star II Takeaway
Nike Football X Takeaway

The studio created a 360-degree journey: from a unique, physical experience to a social, digital one, the Infinity Room has organically spread online under the hashtag #1948LDN.

Behind the Scenes


Client: Sami Janjer – Nike NRG
Concept, Production, Hardware/Software Development & Animation: Random Studio
Set Construction & Install: Ink Associates & Random Studio
Project Management: NikeLab, Ink Associates & Random Studio
Documentation Video and Photography: Random Studio
Documentation Music: Dylan Galletly